Business Owner's Tax Savings Plans

Business Owner's Tax Savings Plans

Business Owner's Tax Savings Plans

Are you a business owner looking to increase your tax deductions and prepare for retirement? Let us help with tax-qualified plans for small businesses. Whether you run a restaurant or your own medical practice, expenses can add up fast, including taxes. You have options! We can help you protect your financial future with a retirement plan for you and your small business. 

We offer a full range of plans:

  • Fully-Insured defined benefit plans
  • Cash balance plans
  • 401(k) defined contribution plans
  • Profit sharing plans
  • TWA Gold Tax Plan

TWA Gold Plan

1. Business receives a tax deduction and the life insurance on the business owner(s) or key employees is purchased

pretax. So the business owner receives a tax deduction for buying life insurance they can quickly access tax-free.

2. Funds a key-man insurance or buy-sell agreement using untaxed dollars.

3. Creates large Tax-Free Income for the Business owner. Tax-Free funds can be quickly accessed. The collateral for

Tax-Free Income is the Death Benefit and Cash Value of a life Insurance policy using funds that are tax deductible.

Owner also receives Tax-Free Terminal, Chronic and Critical funds if they have a qualifying medical issue.

4. Funds an Employee Retirement plan. This can be in addition to an IRA or 401k.TWA Gold creates a true win-win.

5. Creates a superior exit strategy for the business owner which enables the business owner to retire years sooner.All of these can be custom-designed to help give you the largest permissible share of total contribution, as well as tax deductions for your business.

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